DENTIN is a world leader in OEM manufacturing of full dental implant and restoration systems according to client?specifications.
DENTIN with its extensive and sophisticated engineering capability provides a strong platform for engineering?and manufacturing current and newly emerging designs.
DENTIN offers high quality products, immediate response and highly competitive prices.
DENTIN develops, manufactures, assembles and packages entire product lines of implants and their components?in accordance with international standards.

DENTIN’s engineers are committed to continuous research and development of new and progressive products
and technologies for the global dental implantation field. Laboratory and field studies in the areas of tissue culture?and tissue engineering are conducted jointly with prestigious dental laboratories and university dental schools.?The resulting innovations in the field of dental implants and superstructures are reported in the DENTIN News and?subsequently passed on to our customers.

DENTIN Implants Technologies Ltd is an innovative manufacturer of Dental Implants, Prosthetic Products and?surgical kits.
DENTIN Implants Technologies Ltd was founded by a group of people from the dental industry.
The founders have worked over 25 years in the dental market and have years of commercial and international?experience with a clear goal of designing and producing top level implants that meet the highest requirements of?quality and innovation.
DENTIN Implants Technologies Ltd has developed and manufactured a wide range of products for dental?implants and restoration systems.?All products are made with the highest quality materials available in the industry.

DENTIN The main goal of quality is the key to success .The procedure is safe and continuously improves processes for Dental Implants. The performance of the implant is even better than the winning formula and has been justified by technological and quality control results, especially by results of sample analyses done by SEM-EDS and XPS techniques. For the visible area, clean surface and no particles remaining behind the treatment within the surface area of 100X100 microns.

ISO 9001: 2008,?ISO 13485:2003,?Title 21 CFR part 820 (Quality System Regulation),?Medical Device Directive 93/42 EEC:1993,?Directive 2007/47/EC,?Dental Implants FDA Approval 510(K) FDA Number K120530

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Discover the benefits of being our partner. Dentin Implants is a global Company, innovative, progressive and high technology dental Implants solutions
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We always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with partners on projects under development, or contribute our expertise to planning interpretive strategies and defining new ways to implement the Dental Implants Industry. Please contact us to discuss new opportunities for collaboration or to learn more about our capabilities.
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