DENTIN Prestige Implants Series

The DENTIN Prestige implant performs well for all indications, including soft and hard bone, single and double-stage surgical protocols, flapless and flapped procedures, and immediate and delayed loading procedures.

prestige dental implants
dental implants prestige-details

The Prestige implants accommodate the needs of novice and experienced Implant-users alike. What’s more, it features an exceptionally easy-to-use prosthetic connection, provides tactile feedback and offers a choice of six positions, enabling easy repositioning.

Dental Implants Prestige Features:

  • The Prestige implant is designed to suit a wide range of bone types and bone augmentation procedures.
  • The Prestige implant has a wide range of restoration parts.
  • The micro rings on the implant’s neck improve the shear strength in the crest zone.
  • The changes in the thickness of the thread improve bone compression.
  • The Prestige Implants are available in 3.75, 4.2, 5 and 6mm diameters and lengths of 6,7,8,10,11.5,13 and 16mm.

An Established and proven concept:

The original tapered implant mimics the shape of the natural tooth root.
Designed for high initial stability.

Treatment predictability:

Standardized, step-by-step, tapered drilling protocol simplifies site preparation and ensures predictable outcomes in all indications.

Maximized stability:

Unique surface treatment increases implant stability through faster bone formation. Horizontal macro-grooves on collar are designed to enhance soft tissue integration and stabilize crustal bone.


The Prestige implant has a high success rate, provided by a combination of advanced geometric design with new surface morphology.

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