Got questions? We have answers.

How long is the procedure for installing implants?

It depends on the location and the number of implants. But the average duration of the procedure ranges from half an hour to a full hour.

When can I return back to work after having dental implants?

If there are no complications the clinician will advise you to report to work the very next day. It is typical for clinicians to prescribe medications to address minor discomfort so you might need to take them.

What if available bone or gum tissue is inadequate?

If the clinician thinks that there isn’t enough gum or bone tissue, there is going to be a need for grafting procedure as well.

When will I get new teeth?

It depends upon the patient’s situation. The implants need to integrate with the surface of the jaw bone and this takes time. Clinicians can provide temporary teeth during this period. However, consult with your dental implant specialist for the time frame.

What type of care do dental implants need?

For long term care, regular visits to the dentist are required. This ensures success of the procedure. For daily care, regular flossing and brushing are called for..

How long do dental implants last?

If you know how to take care of them, implants can stay put for as long as 40 years.*

What’s the success rate for this procedure?

The average success rate of Dentin dental implants is quite high at (99.2%).

In the long-term, how does dental implant treatment compare with other treatment procedures?

The best thing about dental implants is that they require very low maintenance, and yet you benefit much because you are confident about your smile. This makes the long-term value of this type of treatment significantly higher than more conventional treatment procedures..

Do insurance policies cover dental implant treatments?

Most insurance companies provide coverage, and usually under “restorative procedure.” If your insurance does not cover dental implants, then there are numerous other financing options that can tailor fit your financial status. These have competitive interest rates as well.

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